“Therefore I love thy commandments above gold; yea, above fine gold.”
– Psalms 119:127


In these days of peril shall we show less devotion to the truth of God, and less fervent attachment to His law, than in former years?  The very condition of things exists which Christ declared would be, prior to His second coming in power and glory.  The prevailing ungodliness tends to paralyze and even destroy true faith and piety.  But this is the very time when the gold of Christian integrity will shine its brightest, in contrast to the dross of hypocrisy and corruption.  Now is the time for Christ’s chosen to show their devotion to His service – the time for all His followers to bear the noblest testimony for their Master by standing firm against the prevailing current of evil.”
ST Dec 15, 1881

Theme for the month of February 2013: We Obey the Father’s Law of Love

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